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This is a list of websites whose resources were used to help create this website, as well as any people that helped contribute information or create content. This is both for informational purposes in case anyone is curious, and to give credit and thanks for the websites and people that contributed to this site's creation. My name is Scot Walton, the designer and developer of this website and you can find more information about me and my services at the bottom of this list. Thank you for visiting the website, and for taking the time to see how it was created.

Websites and Resources - This is a great resource for finding free stock photos. Besides providing a wonderful, and free service they ask for nothing in return - no attribution, no thanks needed. All the more reason to give them recognition in my opinion. While some of the headers used in our pages came our own repository of photos, quite a few also came Pixabay. - The three illustrated images on our landing page, and the icon that we used for our search feature (the magnifying glass icon) came directly from FlatIcon. All they ask in return is for a small link giving credit to the author. Those links are under their respective images, except for the search icon, which for obvious reason was not able to be placed directly near it. - Our social media icons used in both the menu and the footer came from IconFinder. All they ask is for attribution and credit for providing them. The menu icons came specifically from this page and the footer icons came from this page. Also, the footer icons' developer website is - Our seach function is implemented by the FreeFind website. Many thanks to them and their free version of indexing and search functionality for websites.


Pastor Gary Walton is responsible for the majority of the content that you see on this website. He took a large chunk of time out of his already busy schedule to both gather up all of the required information, and to write it up himself. He also provided feedback both on the design of the website, and evaluating the construction once it was built to help locate any errors or problems.

Pastor Gary's wife, Hazel Walton, also spent considerable time and effort gathering and collecting information that was used for the content on this website. Also like Pastor Gary, she provided invaluable feedback on the design, and implementation of the website once it was created.

My name is Scot Walton, and I handled all of the design and developing of this website. I designed the website of Gary and Hazel's previous church as well, to which I cannot provide a link because it is longer "live" since we took it down when they were called elsewhere. I do have a Facebook Page, Echoes Tech Services Facebook Page, which can provide more information about myself. I also build and repair computers (including mobile devices), which is actually how I first began my foray into the tech world. Please feel free to contact me via my previously linked Facebook Page.

Christ Jesus said to his followers, the church, “ye are the salt of the earth, ... Ye are the light of the world, ... Let your light so shine before men, that they see your good works and glorify your Father, who is in Heaven...” - Matthew 5:13–16